What We Know

This is the current state of confirmed knowledge.

50th Anniversary

  • Doctor Who will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2013. The exact date of the anniversary is 23rd November.
  • There will an 75 minute special to commemorate the anniversary. It will be broadcast on Saturday, 23rd November. The special will be broadcast in 3D.
  • The special will be called The Name of the Doctor.
  • Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman will play The Doctor and Clara
  • David Tennant and Billie Piper will be returning to the show as the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler.
  • John Hurt will be in the programme playing a version of the Doctor
  • Gemma Redgrave will be playing Kate Stewart
  • There will be a 90 minute drama called An Adventure in Space and Time which tells the story of the creation of the show. It will be written by Mark Gatiss. Various casting details have been announced. Filming of this drama has started.
  • There will be a number of other programmes on both TV and radio.
  • There will be a three day event at ExCeL in London over the weekend of 22-24 November.
  • A series of short stories will be released during the year on the 23rd of each month from January to November. Each one will feature one of the Doctors. The following stories have been published or announced:
    • Jan: A Big Hand For The Doctor (Eoin Coiffer)
    • Feb: The Nameless City (Michael Scott)
    • Mar: The Spear of Destiny (Marcus Sedgwick)
    • Apr: The Roots of Evil (Philip Reeve)
    • May: Tip of the Tongue (Patrick Ness)
    • Jun: Something Borrowed (Richelle Mead)
    • Jul: The Ripple Effect (Malorie Blackman)
    • Aug: Spore (Alex Scarrow)
    • Sep: Beast of Burden (Charlie Higson)
  • The BFI will be holding a series of screenings of Doctor Who episodes.
  • The Post Office have produced a set of stamps commemorating the Doctor.

Christmas Special 2013

  • There will a Doctor Who Christmas special in 2013
  • Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman will play The Doctor and Clara
  • It will be Matt Smith’s final appearance as The Doctor
  • It will be Peter Capaldi’s first appearance as The Doctor

Series 8

  • An eighth series of the programme has been confirmed for 2014
  • Peter Capaldi will be playing The Doctor in this series
  • Jenna Coleman will be returning as Clara

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